Enable the API

Use the Redis Cloud dashboard to enable the REST API.

If you have a Redis Cloud subscription, you can use a REST API to manage your subscription programmatically.

For security reasons, the Redis Cloud API is disabled by default.

To enable the API:

  1. Sign in to your Redis Cloud account as an account owner.

  2. From the menu, choose Access Management.

  3. When the Access Management screen appears, select the API Keys tab.

    Use the **API Keys** tab of the **Access Management** screen to manage your REST API keys.
  4. If a Copy button appears to the right of the API account key, the API is enabled. This button copies the account key to the Clipboard.

    Use the **Copy** button to copy the access key to the Clipboard.

    If you see an Enable API button, select it to enable the API and generate your API account key.

    Use the **Enable API** button to enable the REST API for your account.

To authenticate REST API calls, you need to combine the API account key with an API user key to make API calls.

Only account owners can see the access key in the account settings.

Make sure that you keep your access keys secret. Anyone who sends an API request with a valid access key can make changes to your account.

To manage your API keys or to limit IP addresses for user keys, see Manage API keys.

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