Redis Cloud provides a number of ways to secure subscriptions and databases.

As a Redis Cloud user, consider these security domains:

First, you might want to review our shared responsibility model for security.

Redis Cloud console security

The Redis Cloud console is the web application you use to manage your Redis Cloud deployments.

Secure access to the Redis Cloud console by:

A user session on Redis Cloud expires after 30 minutes. You'll be signed out of Redis Cloud after 30 minutes of inactivity.

Database security

You have several options when it comes to securing your Redis Cloud databases. For more information, see Cloud database security. Options include:

API security

The Redis Cloud API allows you to programmatically administer your subscriptions and database deployments. This API is disabled by default. When you enable the API, you can then manage the API keys for all owners of your Redis Cloud account. For an overview of the security features of the API, see the API authentication documentation.

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