Redis Cloud changelog

Lists new features, enhancements, and other changes in Redis Cloud.

Changelogs list new features, enhancements, and other changes in Redis Cloud.

Select a month from the following table to see a more detailed changelog for that month:

Month Major changes
June 2024 Redis Cloud Essentials support for Terraform
May 2024 Multi-domain SAML setup, SAML domain verification, Active-Active search support
April 2024 Nano billing unit, Essentials subscriptions through AWS Marketplace
March 2024 Fixed plans through Google Cloud Marketplace
February 2024 CIDR overlap detection
January 2024 Transit Gateway, Database tags
December 2023 Active-Active JSON support, mTLS enhancements
November 2023 New Fixed plans, Redis 7.2 Fixed region support
October 2023 Cost report CSV download, SAML Account linking tokens
September 2023 RESP protocol selection
August 2023 Redis 7.2 Opt-in for Flexible subscriptions, Triggers and functions preview
July 2023 New ACL capabilities
June 2023 Redis 7.2 opt-in for Fixed subscriptions
May 2023 Cloud API Fixed plans support, Active-Active ACL roles
April 2023 Exposed advanced capabilities when creating a new database
March 2023 Redis 7.0 preview
February 2023 Private Service Connect
January 2023 Pub/sub ACLs, multiple availability zones, add users with first and last names
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