Redis Cloud changelog (April 2024)

New features, enhancements, and other changes added to Redis Cloud during April 2024.

New features

Nano billing unit

We added a Nano billing unit for Pro databases with a maximum size of 500 MB and a maximum throughput of 500 ops/sec. Use it to create smaller databases for a lower cost.

Essentials subscriptions through AWS Marketplace

You can now use your AWS Marketplace account to pay for your Essentials subscriptions as well as your Pro subscriptions.


Search and query throughput in ops/sec

You can now set the throughput for databases with Search and query in operations per second (ops/sec), like all other Redis databases. This will let you seamlessly scale your query workload in and out as needed.


  • Setting throughput by number-of-shards is now deprecated for the POST /v1/subscriptions/{subscriptionId}/databases REST API endpoint and will be removed soon. We recommend changing the throughput measurement to operations-per-second when you create databases using the Redis Cloud API.
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