Command-line utilities

Reference for Redis Enterprise Software command-line utilities, including rladmin, redis-cli, crdb-cli, and rlcheck.

Redis Enterprise Software includes a set of utilities to help you manage and test your cluster. To use a utility, run it from the command line.

Public utilities

Administrators can use these CLI tools to manage and test a Redis Enterprise cluster. You can find the binaries in the /opt/redislabs/bin/ directory.

Utility Description
crdb-cli (manage Active-Active) Manage Active-Active databases.
redis-cli (run Redis commands) Run Redis commands.
rladmin (manage cluster) Manage Redis Enterprise clusters and databases.
rlcheck (verify nodes) Verify nodes.

Internal utilities

The /opt/redislabs/bin/ directory also contains utilities used internally by Redis Enterprise Software and for troubleshooting.

Do not use these tools for normal operations.
Utility Description
bdb-cli redis-cli connected to a database.
ccs-cli Inspect Cluster Configuration Store.
cnm-ctl Manages services for provisioning, migration, monitoring,
resharding, rebalancing, deprovisioning, and autoscaling.
consistency_checker Checks the consistency of Redis instances.
crdbtop Monitor Active-Active databases.
debug_mode Enables debug mode.
debuginfo Collects cluster information.
dmc-cli Configure and monitor the DMC proxy.
pdns_control Sends commands to a running PowerDNS nameserver.
redis_ctl Stops or starts Redis instances.
rl_rdbloader Load RDB backup files to a server.
rlutil Maintenance utility.
shard-cli redis-cli connected to a shard.
supervisorctl Manages the lifecycles of Redis Enterprise services.
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