Real-time metrics

Documents the metrics that are tracked with Redis Enterprise Software.

In the Redis Enterprise Cluster Manager UI, you can see real-time performance metrics for clusters, nodes, databases, and shards, and configure alerts that send notifications based on alert parameters. Select the Metrics tab to view the metrics for each component. For more information, see Monitoring with metrics and alerts.

See the following topics for metrics definitions:

Prometheus metrics

To collect and display metrics data from your databases and other cluster components, you can connect your Prometheus and Grafana server to your Redis Enterprise Software cluster. See Metrics in Prometheus for a list of available metrics.

We recommend you use Prometheus and Grafana to view metrics history and trends.

See Prometheus integration to learn how to connect Prometheus and Grafana to your Redis Enterprise database.


Shard limit

Metrics information is not shown for clusters with more than 128 shards. For large clusters, we recommend you use Prometheus and Grafana to view metrics.

Metrics not shown during shard migration

The following metrics are not measured during shard migration. If you view these metrics while resharding, the graph will be blank.

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