Verify nodes.

The rlcheck utility runs various tests to check the health of a Redis Enterprise Software node and reports any discovered issues. You can use this utility to confirm a successful installation or to verify that the node is functioning properly.

To resolve issues reported by rlcheck, contact Redis support.

Run rlcheck

You can run rlcheck from the node host's command line. The output of rlcheck shows information specific to the host you run it on.

To run rlcheck tests:

  1. Sign in to the Redis Enterprise Software host with an account that is a member of the redislabs operating system group.

  2. Run:



You can run rlcheck with the following options:

Option Description
--suppress-tests TEXT Skip the specified, comma-delimited list of tests. See Tests for the list of tests and descriptions.
--retry-delay INTEGER Delay between retries, in seconds.
--retry INTEGER Number of retries after a failure.
--file-path TEXT Custom path to rlcheck.log.
--continue-on-error Continue to run all tests even if a test fails, then show all errors when complete.
--help Return the list of rlcheck options.


rlcheck runs the following tests by default:

Test name Description
verify_owner_and_group Verifies the owner and group for Redis Enterprise Software files are correct.
verify_bootstrap_status Verifies the local node's bootstrap process completed without errors.
verify_services Verifies all Redis Enterprise Software services are running.
verify_port_range Verifies the ip_local_port_range doesn't conflict with the ports Redis Enterprise might assign to shards.
verify_pidfiles Verifies all active local shards have PID files.
verify_capabilities Verifies all binaries have the proper capability bits.
verify_existing_sockets Verifies sockets exist for all processes that require them.
verify_host_settings Verifies the following:
• Linux overcommit_memory setting is 1.
transparent_hugepage is disabled.
• Socket maximum connections setting somaxconn is 1024.
verify_tcp_connectivity Verifies this node can connect to all other alive nodes.
verify_encrypted_gossip Verifies gossip communication is encrypted.
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