November 2, 2022

Delivering a Better Developer Experience: Redis and Are Joining Forces

I am excited to share that Redis is joining forces with the creator of, Igor Malinovskiy. In addition to bringing’s popular features into RedisInsight, we share...


October 30, 2022
Four Reasons To Attend RedisDays

4 Reasons To Attend RedisDays 2022 Bangalore

It's time to meet your peers in person! We're excited to unite architects, DevOps, and engineering leaders on November 4 for RedisDays Bangalore. Read for more details.


October 28, 2022

Legacy Database Migration: What To Know Before You Start

Legacy database migration. Those three little words can strike fear in the hearts of IT professionals — but they don’t have to! Read our overview of the legacy...


October 24, 2022

7 Redis Interview Questions Job-Seekers Should Be Ready To Answer

The job you’re applying for says, “Redis experience required.” Are you ready for the questions a hiring manager is likely to ask? Here’s how to prepare for the...


October 20, 2022
Redis Hackathon Blog

Meet the Redis Hackathon 2022 Winners

Three winners. Three unique applications – and plenty of innovation in real-time application performance. The 2022 Redis Hackathon launched in collaboration with DEV in August 2022. Redis called...


October 19, 2022

How To Build a Knowledge Base Platform Using Redis

Building multi-model applications with Redis Stack is surprisingly straightforward! Follow along with a tutorial that shows how to build a knowledge base in Python that incorporates powerful search...


October 13, 2022
When is it time to upgrade to Redis Enterprise?

6 Signs It’s Time To Upgrade to Redis Enterprise

If you’re starting to notice these pain points in your business, it might be an indicator that your Redis open source (Redis OSS) instance is no longer sufficient...


October 4, 2022

Three Database Performance Problems That In-memory Databases Resolve

Performance woes make cranky users – if they even stick around to use the software. Because if your software is too slow, it doesn’t matter how cool it...


September 28, 2022

5 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With Redis

You certainly know Redis as a cache and primary database. It’s earned an excellent reputation among developers worldwide. But Redis also provides a lot of underlying technology to...


September 27, 2022

The 6 Books New Redis Developers Should Read

Just getting started with Redis? These books help you grasp the technical essentials and smooth the learning curve. Adopting any new-to-you technology can be daunting. There’s a lot...


September 20, 2022
Redis Enterprise + MySQL

Redis MySQL: 3 Reasons Why Your MySQL Database Needs Redis

Are your applications running on MySQL performing to their optimum potential? Not so much, right? Discover three ways Redis Enterprise can help you overcome common obstacles in MySQL...


September 16, 2022

Can Your Cache Power Modern Applications? Find Out With Redis’ New Caching Assessment

Introducing the Redis Caching Assessment, a fast and simple tool that quickly analyzes the state of your cache and delivers actionable solutions in less than 5 minutes. We...


September 15, 2022
Redis Enterprise + Oracle

3 Reasons Why Your Oracle Database Needs Redis Enterprise

How can Redis Enterprise support your Oracle SQL database as a cache or primary database? We’ve broken down three reasons why Redis is the answer to your most...


September 14, 2022
21 Redis Experts to Follow on Twitter

20 Redis Experts To Follow on Twitter

Whether you’re brand new to Redis or a seasoned user, there’s always more to learn. To help you get started, we compiled this list of our favorite Redis...


September 13, 2022

3 Common Misconceptions About Object-relational Mapping

Most software developers are familiar with object-relational mapping (ORM), a coding technique that creates an abstraction layer between object-oriented programming languages and databases. But despite its value, ORM...


September 12, 2022
Helm and Redis Enterprise Cluster

An Introduction to the Helm Tool and Helm Charts

Manual deployments of Kubernetes clusters can be a real hassle. Installing and maintaining a cluster is a complex task unless there are automations to fast-track the process, and...


September 12, 2022

Jedis vs. Lettuce: An Exploration

I’m an explorer by heart, so when I have to make a technical decision—like, say, choosing a Redis client—I go a-spelunking. Herein is the account of my exploration...


September 9, 2022

Redis Enterprise Operator for Kubernetes

To streamline the management of a Kubernetes layer, we developed our own Kubernetes controller, the Redis Enterprise Operator for Kubernetes. Unlock the cloud-native data layer by downloading our...


September 8, 2022

A Redis Hosting Option for Heroku Users

Heroku may have discontinued its free platform support for Redis, which may discourage those who have depended on it. But not to worry! Redis has several ways to...


August 31, 2022

Redis Enterprise Cloud Releases Terraform Version 1.0.0

Redis is investing in its Terraform registry, helping developers manage their databases across multiple modules easily. Let’s see what new updates Redis Enterprise Cloud’s Terraform version 1.0.0 brings,...


August 17, 2022
Redis E-Book | 8 Data Modeling Patterns in Redis

NoSQL Data Modeling with Redis

Take a quick, but thorough overview of the “8 Data Modeling Patterns in Redis,” found in our new comprehensive e-book for data modeling in NoSQL.