RediSearch 1.1 release notes

Aggregations engine.


RediSearch v1.1.0 requires:

  • Minimum Redis compatibility version (database): 4.0.0
  • Minimum Redis Enterprise Software version (cluster): 5.0.0

RediSearch 1.1.0 (April 2018)

This is a major version (we almost named it 2.0), which includes months of work, mostly on the brand new aggregations engine.


Aggregations are a way to process the results of a search query, group, sort and transform them - and extract analytic insights from them. Much like aggregation queries in other databases and search engines, they can be used to create analytics report, or to perform Faceted Search style queries.

Example aggregation request

For example, indexing a web-server's logs, we can create report for unique users by hour. Suppose our schema includes the SORTABLE fields timestamp (Unix-timestamp) and userId:

   APPLY hour(@timestamp) AS hour
   GROUPBY 1 @hour
      REDUCE COUNT_DISTINCT 1 @userId AS unique_users
   SORTBY 2 @hour ASC

See the full documentation on aggregations for more details

Bug fixes over 1.0.10

  • Fixed #313 - removed -mpopcnt compile flag.

  • Fixed #312 - crash on highlighting

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