Create and manage cloud accounts

Cloud accounts specify which account to use when creating and modifying infrastructure resources.

You can use the Redis Cloud REST API to create and manage cloud accounts.

These examples use the cURL utility; you can use any REST client to work with the Redis Cloud REST API.

Create a cloud account

To create a cloud account, use the POST /v1/cloud-accounts endpoint.

The created cloud account is defined by a JSON document that is sent as the body of the request.

POST https://[host]/v1/cloud-accounts
  "accessKeyId": "$ACCESS_KEY_ID",
  "accessSecretKey": "$ACCESS_SECRET_KEY",
  "consolePassword": "$CONSOLE_PASSWORD",
  "consoleUsername": "$CONSOLE_USERNAME",
  "name": "My new Cloud Account",
  "provider": "AWS",
  "signInLoginUrl": "https://$"

The POST response is a JSON document that contains the taskId. You can use GET /v1/tasks/<taskId> to track the status of the cloud account creation.

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