View account information

Get initial information on account parameters

The root API operation returns information about the current account, user, and API Key (as identified by the set of API Keys provided in the API request).

GET "https://[host]/v1/subscriptions/<subscription_id>/databases/<database_id>/metrics?metricSpan=1hour"

Here is an example of the API operation response:

  "account": {
    "id": 654321,
    "name": "Redis",
    "createdTimestamp": "2018-12-23T15:15:31Z",
    "updatedTimestamp": "2019-07-04T12:22:04Z",
    "key": {
      "name": "jay-doe-api-key-6",
      "accountId": 654321,
      "accountName": "Redis account for Jay Doe",
      "allowedSourceIps": [
      "createdTimestamp": "2019-06-06T07:41:14Z",
      "owner": {
        "name": "Jay Doe",
        "email": ""
      "httpSourceIp": ""

The above example contains:

  • httpSourceIp: The public source IP of the current user
  • allowedSourceIps: Restricts the current API Key access to requests originating from IP addresses that reside within the specified IP range
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