Assign permissions to roles

To assign Redis ACLs to a data access role:

  1. Go to Data Access Control from the Redis Cloud console menu.

    Menu for database access control.
  2. Select the Roles tab.

    Role configuration area.
  3. Select + to create a new role or point to an existing role and select the pencil icon to edit it.

    Add or edit a role.
  4. Enter a name for the role.

    Role add screen.
  5. Select an ACL rule to assign to the role.

    Select an ACL Rule.
  6. Select one or more databases from the Databases list and click the check mark to confirm the association.

    Select an databases.
  7. Select Save role.

When you assign a user-defined ACL rule to a role and associate it with one or more databases, we'll verify that the ACL rule will work with the selected databases.

After you create a role, you can assign it to a user. Users with this role can access the databases according to the role's associated Redis ACLs. For more information, see Assign roles to users.

To assign Redis ACLs to a role for an Active-Active database, see Active-Active access roles.

Applying ACLs to the database is an asynchronous operation. You may notice a delay before an ACL is fully applied to the database.
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