rladmin cluster join

Adds a node to an existing cluster.

Adds a node to an existing cluster.

rladmin cluster join
        nodes <node IP address>
        username <admin user email>
        password <admin password>
        [ ephemeral_path <path> ]
        [ persistent_path <path> ]
        [ ccs_persistent_path <path> ]
        [ rack_id <node rack ID> ]
        [ override_rack_id ]
        [ replace_node <node UID> ]
        [ flash_enabled ]
        [ flash_path <path> ]
        [ addr <IP.address> ]
        [ external_addr <IP.address.1> [<IP.address.2> ... <IP.address.N>] ]
        [ override_repair ]
        [ accept_servers { enabled | disabled } ]
        [ cnm_http_port <port> ]


Parameter Type/Value Description
accept_servers 'enabled'
Allows allocation of resources on the new node when enabled (optional)
addr IP address Sets a node's internal IP address. If not provided, the node sets the address automatically. (optional)
ccs_persistent_path filepath (default: /var/opt/redislabs/persist) Path to the CCS snapshot location (the default is the same as persistent_path) (optional)
cnm_http_port integer Joins a cluster that has a non-default cnm_http_port (optional)
ephemeral_path filepath Path to the ephemeral storage location (optional)
external_addr list of IP addresses Sets a node's external IP addresses (space-delimited list). If not provided, the node sets the address automatically. (optional)
flash_enabled Enables flash capabilities for a database (optional)
flash_path filepath (default: /var/opt/redislabs/flash) Path to the flash storage location in case the node does not support CAPI (required if flash_enabled)
nodes IP address Internal IP address of an existing node in the cluster
override_rack_id Changes to a new rack, specified by rack_id (optional)
override_repair Enables joining a cluster with a dead node (optional)
password string Admin user's password
persistent_path filepath (default: /var/opt/redislabs/persist) Path to the persistent storage location (optional)
rack_id string Moves the node to the specified rack (optional)
replace_node integer Replaces the specified node with the new node (optional)
username email address Admin user's email address


Returns ok if the node joined the cluster successfully. Otherwise, it returns an error message.


$ rladmin cluster join nodes \
        username admin@example.com \
        password admin-password
Joining cluster... ok
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