Redis Enterprise Software release notes 7.4.2-129 (April 2024)

Fixes for bugs and known limitations that affect Redis Enterprise Software v7.4.2-126.

This is a maintenance release for ​​Redis Enterprise Software version 7.4.2. This version fixes several issues that affect version 7.4.2-126.


This version offers:

  • Fixes for bugs and known limitations that affect Redis Enterprise Software version 7.4.2-126

New in this release

Resolved issues

  • RS121899: Upgraded the boto3 library from version 1.26.65 to 1.34.76 to fix a known memory leak.

  • RS122241: Changed file permissions to allow firewalld configuration to add the redislabs service on RHEL 9.

  • RS121673: Search commands no longer return an error after fixing incorrect configuration.

Version changes

Supported platforms

The following table provides a snapshot of supported platforms as of this Redis Enterprise Software release. See the supported platforms reference for more details about operating system compatibility.

Supported – The platform is supported for this version of Redis Enterprise Software and Redis Stack modules.

⚠️ Deprecation warning – The platform is still supported for this version of Redis Enterprise Software, but support will be removed in a future release.

Redis Enterprise
major versions
7.4 7.2 6.4 6.2
Release date Feb 2024 Aug 2023 Feb 2023 Aug 2021
End-of-life date Determined after
next major release
July 2025 Feb 2025 Aug 2024
RHEL 9 &
compatible distros1
RHEL 8 &
compatible distros1
RHEL 7 &
compatible distros1
Ubuntu 20.042
Ubuntu 18.042 ⚠️ ⚠️
Ubuntu 16.042 ⚠️
Amazon Linux 2
Amazon Linux 1
  1. The RHEL-compatible distributions CentOS, CentOS Stream, Alma, and Rocky are supported if they have full RHEL compatibility. Oracle Linux running the Red Hat Compatible Kernel (RHCK) is supported, but the Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel (UEK) is not supported.

  2. The server version of Ubuntu is recommended for production installations. The desktop version is only recommended for development deployments.

  3. See the Redis Enterprise for Kubernetes documentation for details about support per version and Kubernetes distribution.

  4. Docker images of Redis Enterprise Software are certified for development and testing only.


The following table shows the MD5 checksums for the available packages:

Package MD5 checksum (7.4.2-129 April release)
Ubuntu 18 6f4b3ffa5769322bf1496dc35670b317
Ubuntu 20 794952d515d99a16dd584450517f47da
Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 8 de59c2d2e5bf6cc2e4e3542761e0e476
Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 9 5247575205a6b6ba5b4d35ccc9d2cfa3
Amazon Linux 2 02881466864c4eaa349487edce73050b
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