Manage account settings

Describes the settings for a Redis Cloud account.

To review or manage the settings associated with your Redis Cloud account, sign in to the Redis Cloud console and then select Account Settings from the menu.

This displays the Account Settings screen:

Use the Account tab of the Account Settings screen to review and update settings associated with your Redis Cloud account.

The available tabs depend on your subscription type and may include:

  • The Account tab displays basic information associated with your account, including general info, address details, time zone setting, security settings, and provider integration details.

  • The Cloud Account tab is displayed for Redis Cloud Pro subscriptions hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS). To learn more, see Manage AWS cloud accounts.

  • The Integrations tab lets you manage certain integrations. For more information on the Confluent Cloud integration, see Use the Redis Sink Confluent Connector.

Account info settings

The Account Info section provides basic details about your account, including:

Setting Description
Account name Organization associated with the Redis Cloud account
Account number Internal ID of the owner's account
Date created Date the user's Redis Cloud account was created, which may differ from the organization account creation date
Last updated Date of the last administrative change to the owner's account, typically reflects access changes or other administrative updates

You cannot change the email address associated with a Redis Cloud account. Instead, create a new account with the updated email address, assign it as an administrator to the organization account, and then use the new account to delete the account with the invalid email address.

Account address settings

The Account address section shows the billing address associated with the current Redis Cloud account and the current time zone.

In addition, this section may include fields unique to your location. For example, certain regions require tax IDs or other regulatory details.

Select Edit to change the account's billing address. You must re-enter your payment method details to confirm your address change.

Select the Edit button to change the account's billing address. The Edit account billing address screen.
Changing the billing address for your account will remove any payment methods associated with the old billing address. See Add payment method to learn how to add a payment method back to your account.

Time zone settings

To update the time zone, select the desired time zone from the Time zone drop-down.

Security settings

The Security section lets you:

Integration settings

The Integration section includes settings that help you manage the integration of your Redis Cloud account with your underlying cloud provider. Specific settings vary according to the cloud provider.

If this section doesn't appear on the Account Settings screen, it generally means that there aren't any integration settings to manage.

Save or discard changes

Few account settings can be changed; however, you can update a few details, such as Time Zone and MFA enforcement. Available settings vary according to your subscription and the underlying cloud provider.

Use the Save changes button to save changes or Discard changes to revert them.

Use the Discard Changes and the Save Changes buttons to manage changes to account settings.

For help changing other settings, contact Support.

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