RESP compatibility with Redis Enterprise

Redis Enterprise supports RESP2 and RESP3.

RESP (Redis Serialization Protocol) is the protocol that clients use to communicate with Redis databases. See the RESP protocol specification for more information.

Supported RESP versions

  • RESP2 is supported by all Redis Enterprise versions.

  • RESP3 is supported by Redis Enterprise 7.2 and later.

Redis Enterprise versions that support RESP3 continue to support RESP2.

Enable RESP3 for a database

To use RESP3 with a Redis Enterprise Software database:

  1. Upgrade Redis servers to version 7.2 or later.

    For Active-Active and Replica Of databases:

    1. Upgrade all participating clusters to Redis Enterprise version 7.2.x or later.

    2. Upgrade all databases to version 7.x or later.

  2. Enable RESP3 support for your database (enabled by default):

Deactivate RESP3 for a database

To deactivate RESP3 support for a database:

When RESP3 is deactivated, connected clients that use RESP3 are disconnected from the database.

You cannot use sharded pub/sub if you deactivate RESP3 support.

Change default RESP3 option

The cluster-wide option resp3_default determines the default value of the resp3 option, which enables or deactivates RESP3 for a database, upon upgrading a database to version 7.2. resp3_default is set to enabled by default.

To change resp3_default to disabled, use one of the following methods:

  • Cluster Manager UI:

    1. On the Databases screen, select Toggle actions button to open a list of additional actions.

    2. Select Upgrade configuration.

    3. For RESP3 support, select Disable.

    4. Click Save.

  • rladmin tune cluster

    rladmin tune cluster resp3_default disabled
  • Update cluster policy REST API request:

    PUT /v1/cluster/policy 
    { "resp3_default": false }

Client prerequisites for Redis 7.2 upgrade

The Redis clients Go-Redis version 9 and Lettuce versions 6 and later use RESP3 by default. If you use either client to run Redis Stack commands, you should set the client's protocol version to RESP2 before upgrading your database to Redis version 7.2 to prevent potential application issues due to RESP3 breaking changes.


For applications using Go-Redis v9.0.5 or later, set the protocol version to RESP2:

client := redis.NewClient(&redis.Options{
    Addr:     "<database_endpoint>",
    Protocol: 2, // Pin the protocol version


To set the protocol version to RESP2 with Lettuce v6 or later:

import io.lettuce.core.*;
import io.lettuce.core.api.*;
import io.lettuce.core.protocol.ProtocolVersion;

// ...
RedisClient client = RedisClient.create("<database_endpoint>");
        .protocolVersion(ProtocolVersion.RESP2) // Pin the protocol version 	
// ...

If you are using LettuceMod, you need to upgrade to v3.6.0.

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