Redis Enterprise Software release notes 6.4.2-94 (July 2023)

Look-ahead mechanism for planner attempts. Package OS compatibility validation.

This is a maintenance release for ​​Redis Enterprise Software version 6.4.2.

The following table shows the MD5 checksums for the available packages:

Package MD5 checksum (6.4.2-94 July release)
Ubuntu 16 e664a93108aeb72cf9dc849b84b79239
Ubuntu 18 9b547be7e093a0668caa9d5af36ddd21
Ubuntu 20 d623c8458a28f09a1e6ae0c0a8650023
RedHat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 7
Oracle Enterprise Linux (OL) 7
RedHat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 8
Oracle Enterprise Linux (OL) 8
Rocky Enterprise Linux
Amazon Linux 2 f2c5c2b5e879b8fd6792336f757593e2

New features and enhancements

  • RS98361 - Enhanced the algorithm responsible for placing shards in the cluster. This improvement applies when creating new databases and when calling the REST API GET optimize_shards_placement for existing databases.

    With this update, the algorithm efficiently finds a legal placement while reducing the calculation time significantly. These changes ensure a smoother and faster experience when managing databases with a large number of shards and dense shard placement policy.

  • RS62197 - Added validation of the operating system (OS) version before installation. The installer automatically validates the OS type and version and verifies the correct binary is used for the corresponding system. This prevents missing dependencies which may cause issues later on.

    The validation applies to major versions of all operating systems. If the check fails, the installation process halts with an appropriate error message.

Redis Stack v6.2.6

Redis Enterprise Software v6.4.2 includes the new features delivered in the latest Redis Stack release (6.2.6 v7):

See Upgrade modules to learn how to upgrade a module for a database.

Resolved issues

  • RS100903 - Fixed a v6.4.2 issue: when a database client requests [SLOWLOG GET [count]](/docs/latest/commands/slowlog-get/, the proxy ignores “count” and always replies with 128 records

  • RS95394 - Fixed Replica Of sync causing high DMC memory usage on source cluster when TLS is enabled "for Replica Of Only".

  • RS102905 - Fixed invalid character that could potentially cause failure in generating support package for Active-Active databases.

  • RS92430 - Optimized internal certification rotation process benefiting mainly clusters.

  • RS99495 - Updated UI title property to "Redis Enterprise"

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