crdb-cli crdb add-instance

Adds a peer replica to an Active-Active database.

Adds a peer replica to an existing Active-Active database in order to host the database on another cluster. This creates an additional active instance of the database on the specified cluster.

crdb-cli crdb add-instance --crdb-guid <guid>
         --instance fqdn=<cluster_fqdn>,username=<username>,password=<password>[,url=<url>,replication_endpoint=<endpoint>]
         [ --compression <0-6> ]
         [ --no-wait ]


Parameter Value Description
crdb-guid string The GUID of the database (required)
instance strings The connection information for the new participating cluster (required)
compression 0-6 The level of data compression: 0=Compression disabled

6=High compression and resource load (Default: 3)
no-wait Does not wait for the task to complete


Returns the task ID of the task that is adding the new instance.

If --no-wait is specified, the command exits. Otherwise, it will wait for the instance to be added and return finished.


$ crdb-cli crdb add-instance --crdb-guid db6365b5-8aca-4055-95d8-7eb0105c0b35 \
        --instance fqdn=cluster2.redis.local,username=admin@redis.local,password=admin-password
Task f809fae7-8e26-4c8f-9955-b74dbbd47949 created
  ---> Status changed: queued -> started
  ---> Status changed: started -> finished
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