crdb-cli crdb remove-instance

Removes a peer replica from an Active-Active database.

Removes a peer replica instance from the Active-Active database and deletes the instance and its data from the participating cluster.

crdb-cli crdb remove-instance --crdb-guid <guid>
         --instance-id <instance-id>
         [ --force ]
         [ --no-wait ]

If the cluster cannot communicate with the instance that you want to remove, you can:

  1. Use the --force option to remove the instance from the Active-Active database without purging the data from the instance.

  2. Run crdb-cli crdb purge-instance from the removed instance to delete the Active-Active database and its data.


Parameter Value Description
crdb-guid string The GUID of the database (required)
instance-id string The ID of the local instance to remove (required)
force Removes the instance without purging data from the instance.
If --force is specified, you must run crdb-cli crdb purge-instance from the removed instance.
no-wait Does not wait for the task to complete


Returns the task ID of the task that is deleting the instance.

If --no-wait is specified, the command exits. Otherwise, it will wait for the instance to be removed and return finished.


$ crdb-cli crdb remove-instance --crdb-guid db6365b5-8aca-4055-95d8-7eb0105c0b35 --instance-id 2 --force
Task b1eba5ba-90de-49e9-8678-d66daa1afb51 created
  ---> Status changed: queued -> started
  ---> Status changed: started -> finished
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