RLEC 0.99.5-24 Release Notes (February 15, 2015)

If you are upgrading from a previous version, make sure to review the upgrade instructions before running through the upgrade process.

If you are upgrading from version 0.99.5-11:

  1. You must restart the services after the upgrade by running the following command with user root (sudo su). From the operating system's CLI, run the following command: cnm_ctl restart
  2. After the upgrade, rladmin status command will report that the databases are from an old version. It is recommended that you upgrade the databases as soon as possible, as described in the upgrade instructions.

New features



  • Enhancements to memtier_benchmark tool that is included in the installation package. You can find more details in the GitHub project.

Fixed issues

  • Improvements and fixes related to node failover, remove node and take node offline functionality.

Known issues

  • Issue: When taking a node offline or removing a node, if the node being taken offline or removed is currently serving as the web server for the web browser being used to view the management UI, the management UI appears down while the node is down. Workaround: If you are using the cluster name in order to connect to the management UI in the browser, and the cluster name is registered in your external DNS or you are using the mDNS option, then the DNS entries will be updated to point to another node in the cluster after a few seconds and the UI will open properly. If you are not using the cluster name but rather the node IP in order to connect to the management UI in the web browser, you have to use the IP of another node in the cluster to access the management UI.
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