Redis Enterprise Software Release Notes 5.5 Preview (April 2019)

Preview release. Databases support multiple modules.

Redis Enterprise Software (RS) 5.5 Preview Edition is now available.

RS 5.5 is a preview version that includes all the capabilities of Redis Enterprise 5.4, plus support for creation of Redis databases with multiple modules and support for these modules:

  • RediSearch (GA)
  • RedisGraph (GA)
  • RedisBloom (GA)
  • RedisJSON (GA)
  • RedisAI (Preview Version)
  • RedisTimeSeries (Preview Version)
  • RedisGears (Preview Version)

New features

RS 5.5 lets you create Redis databases with multiple Redis modules.

Preview considerations

This preview version is a standalone version and is not supported for production environments. You cannot upgrade to it from a lower version or upgrade from it to a higher version. Unexpected behaviors/issues found in this release will be addressed in future releases.

This preview version is not supported for networks that are isolated from the internet.

Installation instructions

To set up a cluster with nodes that can host databases with multiple modules, you must follow this procedure on each node in the cluster:

  1. Install RS 5.5.
  2. To install the modules, run: sudo ./
  3. Either:
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