*Redis Modules

This is a list of Redis modules, for Redis v4.0 or greater, ordered by Github stars. Only modules under an OSI approved license are listed here. Also to have the source code hosted at Github is currently mandatory. To add your module here please send a pull request for the modules.json file in the Redis-doc repository.

neural-redis Online trainable neural networks as Redis data types. antirez BSD 1854
ReJSON A JSON data type for Redis itamarhaber RedisLabs AGPL 271
RediSearch Full-Text search over Redis dvirsky RedisLabs AGPL 247
redis-cell A Redis module that provides rate limiting in Redis as a single command. brandur MIT 164
Redis Graph A graph database with a Cypher-based querying language swilly22 AGPL 120
Redis-ML Machine Learning Model Server shaynativ RedisLabs AGPL 49
redis-tdigest t-digest data structure wich can be used for accurate online accumulation of rank-based statistics such as quantiles and cumulative distribution at a point. usmanm MIT 29
topk An almost deterministic top k elements counter itamarhaber RedisLabs AGPL 15
countminsketch An apporximate frequency counter itamarhaber RedisLabs AGPL 15
redablooms Scalable, counting Bloom filters itamarhaber RedisLabs AGPL 15
redis-roaring Uses the CRoaring library to implement roaring bitmap commands for Redis. aviggiano MIT 9