RedisInsight v2.30.0, July 2023

RedisInsight v2.30

2.30 (July 2023)

This is the General Availability (GA) release of RedisInsight 2.30.


Introducing support for triggers and functions that bring application logic closer to your data and give Redis powerful features for event-driven data processing


Features and improvements

#2247, #2249, #2273, #2279 Support for triggers and functions that add the capability to execute server-side functions triggered by events or data operations to:

  • Speed up applications by running the application logic where the data lives
  • Eliminate the need to maintain the same code across different applications by moving application functionality inside the Redis database
  • Maintain consistent data when applications react to any keyspace change
  • Improve code resiliency by backing up and replicating triggers and functions along with the database

Triggers and functions work with a JavaScript engine, which lets you take advantage of JavaScript’s vast ecosystem of libraries and frameworks and modern, expressive syntax.

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