RedisInsight v1.12, May 2022

RedisInsight v1.12.0

1.12.1 (July 2022)

This is the maintenance release of RedisInsight 1.12 (v1.12.1)!

Critical Bug Fix:

  • Core:
    • When you add or remove a Redis Enterprise Software or Redis Cloud database in RedisInsight v1 that has the RediSearch module loaded, all hashes within that database are deleted.


  • Core:
    • Added curl command to container.
    • Fixed container vulnerabilities (CVE-2022-1292, CVE-2022-2068).
  • RediSearch:
    • Fixed index info to report correct information for RediSearch v2.
  • Profiling:
    • Added support for profiling module commands.
    • Added support for viewing information of clients that use IPv6 addresses.
  • RedisGraph:
    • Added support for RO_QUERY only mode. RedisGraph now responds to the RO_QUERY command.

1.12.0 (May 2022)

This is the General Availability Release of RedisInsight 1.12 (v1.12.0)!


  • Authenticate database users: Ask for database username and password
  • Support for GRAPH.RO_QUERY command in RedisGraph tool.
  • Support for variable CPU in RedisAI tool.

Full Details


  • Authenticate database users: Ask for database username and password
    • If enabled, each time a user attempts to open a database previously added to RedisInsight, a form to enter username and password is displayed. This form displays also if a user is idle for a configurable amount of time.
  • Fix major container vulnerabilities.
  • Decrease Docker image size by discarding unnecessary contents.
  • Streams
    • Fix slowdown and crash while loading large streams data.
    • Use UTC time for stream id timestamp.
  • Graph
    • Allow scanning for more keys.
    • Add support for GRAPH.RO_QUERY command.
  • Browser
    • Fix Delete key dialog box that displays when no key is selected.
  • RedisAI
    • Add support for variable CPU number.
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