RedisInsight v1.10, March 2021

RedisInsight v1.10.0

1.10.1 (April 2021)

This is the maintenance release of RedisInsight 1.10 (v1.10.1)!


  • Core:
    • Fixed a bug where launching RedisInsight on macOS mojave (10.14.6) would log out the user.
    • Fixed two major container vulnerability. (CVE-2021-24031, CVE-2021-24032 and CVE-2020-36242)
    • Select existing installation path on upgrades in Windows.
  • CLI:
    • Added support for RAW mode (--raw in redis-cli).
  • Browser:
    • Fixed a bug where a number in redis string datatype is treated as a JSON .
    • RedisJSON - Distinguish between empty and collapsed objects/arrays.
  • Streams:
    • Added ability to configure auto refresh interval.
  • RedisTimeseries:
    • Charts now support milliseconds.
    • Added ability to configure auto refresh interval.
  • RedisGraph:
    • Properly detect module in Redis Enterprise
    • Large queries that are truncated in the query card is provided with a tooltip that displays the query on hover.
    • Properly render boolean data types in the objects.
  • Bulk actions:
    • Fixed a bug where preview returns duplicate dry run commands.

1.10.0 (March 2021)

This is the General Availability (GA) Release of RedisInsight 1.10 (v1.10.0)!


  • Improvements to the way the Browser tool displays "special" strings.
  • UX improvements to the RedisGraph tool.
  • Ability to configure the slowlog threshold from within the Slowlog tool.

Full Details:

  • Overview:
    • The connection details of the Redis database are now displayed.
    • A message is displayed to indicate a cluster with no replicas instead of an empty table.
    • Fixed a bug where the memory usage chart would display an incorrect graph when the memory usage changes rapidly.
  • Browser:
    • Pretty-print "special" strings (like JSON, Java serialized object, Python pickle objects, etc.) once the entire value is loaded.
    • Pretty-print "special" strings (like JSON, Java serialized object, Python pickle objects, etc.) inside container types like Hashes, Sets and Sorted Sets.
    • Allow sorting the members of a sorted set by score.
    • Refresh button for the key list.
    • Delete a key by pressing the "Delete" key.
    • All keys are now visible by default, i.e, the data type filters are disabled by default.
    • Fixed bug where switching logical databases did not work correctly sometimes.
    • Fixed bug where adding a field to a hash with an empty value crashes the UI.
    • Fixed bug where setting TTL to -1 does not effectively delete the key.
    • Added tooltip explaining how to use the logical database selector along with a submit button.
  • Streams:
    • Refresh button for the list of streams.
  • RedisGraph:
    • Node size is now dependent on the number of direct relationships.
    • Added support for pasting the full GRAPH.QUERY command into the query textbox.
  • RediSearch:
    • Fixed bug where the application fails to execute queries on indices starting with/enclosed within single-quotes.
  • Bulk Actions:
    • Improved support for operations on a large number of keys.
  • Slowlog:
    • Allow configuring the slowlog threshold from within the tool for non-cluster databases.
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