RedisInsight v1.4, April 2020

Redis 6 ACLs support, improved CLI and full screen support in Graph, TimeSeries and RedisSearch

This is the General Availability Release of RedisInsight 1.4 (v1.4.0)!


  • Support for Redis 6, Redis Enterprise 6 and ACLs
  • Improve CLI capabilities with removed command restrictions
  • Full screen support in Graph, TimeSeries and RediSearch

Full details:

  • Features

    • Core:
      • Added support for Redis 6 + RE6 and authentication using ACL
      • Added Full screen support for Graph, TimeSeries and RediSearch.
      • Improved UI consistency (colors and styles) in Graph and Timeseries
    • CLI:
      • Removed the command restrictions, unless a command is specifically blacklisted.
      • Command responses are displayed in exactly the same way as in redis-cli
    • RedisGraph:
      • Optimized performances when getting nodes relationships (edges) from user's queries
    • Stream:
      • Improved UX when defining the timing range of events to be filtered
  • Bug Fixes:

    • Core:
      • Fixed issue when connecting to Redis Enterprise with a password using a special character
    • Stream:
      • Fixed ability to properly visualize all events

Known issues

  • Core:
    • Authentication to Redis 6 OSS in cluster mode is not supported yet
  • CLI:
    • Blocking commands are not supported
    • Commands which return non-standard streaming responses are not supported: MONITOR, SUBSCRIBE, PSUBSCRIBE, SYNC, PSYNC, SCRIPT DEBUG
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