RedisInsight v1.5, May 2020

New tool for RedisGears, Multi-line query builder and improved suppport of Redis 6 ACLs

This is the General Availability Release of RedisInsight 1.5 (v1.5.0)!


  • Added beta support for RedisGears module
  • Added multi-line query editing for RediSearch, RedisGraph and Timeseries
  • Improved support of Redis 6 ACLs

Full details:

  • Features

    • Core:
      • Improved support for Redis 6 managing ACL permissions for each different capabilities
    • Gears:
      • Beta support for Redis Gears module
        • Explore the latest executed functions and analyze the results or errors
        • Manage registered functions and get execution summary
        • Code, build and execute functions
    • RediSearch:
      • Multi-line for building queries
    • RedisGraph:
      • Multi-line for building queries
    • Timeseries:
      • Multi-line for building queries
  • Bug Fixes:

    • Configuration:
      • Fixed issue not showing the list of modules
    • Search:
      • Fixed issue preventing users to see all documents matching a search query
      • Fixed issue with retrieving the search indexes in case of large database
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