RedisInsight v2.44.0, February 2024

RedisInsight v2.44

2.44 (February 2024)

This is the General Availability (GA) release of RedisInsight 2.44.


  • Added support for SSH tunneling for clustered databases, unblocking some users who want to migrate from to RedisInsight.
  • UX optimizations in the Browser layout to make it easier to leverage search and query indexes.


Features and improvements

  • #2711, #3040 Connect to your clustered Redis database via SSH tunnel using a password or private key in PEM format.
  • #3030, #3070 UX optimizations in the Browser layout to enlarge the "Filter by Key" input field in the Browser and optimize the display of long search and query indexes.
  • #3033, #3036 Various improvements for custom tutorials, including visual highlighting of Redis code blocks and strengthening security measures for bulk data uploads by providing an option to download and preview the list of commands for upload.
  • #3010 Enhancements to prevent authentication errors caused by certain special characters in database passwords.


  • #3029 A fix for cases when autofill prevents the form to auto-discover Redis Enterprise Cluster database from being submitted.
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