RedisInsight v2.42.0, January 2024

RedisInsight v2.42

2.42 (January 2024)

This is the General Availability (GA) release of RedisInsight 2.42.


  • Introducing a new dedicated developer enablement area! Explore Redis capabilities and learn how to use the native JSON data structure for structured querying and full-text search, including vector similarity search for AI use cases, and more. Browse the tutorials offline or use the in-app provisioning of a free Redis Cloud database to try them interactively.
  • RedisInsight is now available on Docker. Check out our Docker repository if that’s your preferred platform.


Features and improvements

  • #2724, #2752, #2965 Introducing a dedicated developer enablement area. Dive into interactive tutorials and level up your Redis game even without a database connected. Start exploring tutorials by clicking on the "Insights" button located in the top-right corner. Because interactive tutorials can alter data in your database, avoid running them in a production environment. For an optimal tutorial experience, create a free Redis Cloud database.
  • #2972, #2811 The long-awaited Docker build is now available. Check out our Docker repository if that’s your preferred platform.
  • #2857 Empty Browser and Workbench pages are aligned with the new interactive tutorials.
  • #2940 Recommendations have been renamed to Tips.
  • #2970 A critical vulnerability has been fixed.
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