RedisInsight v2.20.0, February 2023

RedisInsight v2.20.0

2.20.0 (February 2023)

This is the General Availability (GA) release of RedisInsight 2.20.


  • Visualizations of search and graph execution plans in Workbench
  • Guided walkthrough of RedisInsight tools and capabilities for new users
  • Bulk export database connections to a file
  • Upload values of RedisJSON from a file for new keys in Browser
  • Visualizations of CLIENT LIST in Workbench
  • See filters previously used in Browser


Features and improvements

  • #1629, #1739, #1740, #1781 Investigate and optimize your search and graph queries with new visualizations of execution plans in Workbench. Visualizations are supported for FT.EXPLAIN,FT.PROFILE, GRAPH.EXPLAIN, and GRAPH.PROFILE.
  • #1698 Explore RedisInsight's tools and capabilities with a new walkthrough when you start RedisInsight for the first time.
  • #1631, #1632 Migrate your database connections to another RedisInsight instance by performing a bulk export of database connections to a file.
  • #1741 Upload RedisJSON values from a file for new keys in Browser.
  • #1653 Analyze client connections using new Workbench visualizations for CLIENT LIST.
  • #1625 Quickly set filters previously used in Browser by selecting them from the list of recently used filters.
  • #1713 See your new Redis keys added in Browser without a need to refresh the list of keys.
  • #1681, #1692, #1693 Avoid the timeout connection errors by configuring the connection timeout for databases added manually via host and port.
  • #1696, #1703 Test the database connection before adding the database.
  • #1689 Update the port of an existing database connection instead of adding a new one.
  • #1731 Use database indexes based on INFO keyspace.


  • #1678 Prevent crashes when SSH is set up on Linux.
  • #1697 Prevent crashes when working with Redis streams with large IDs.
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