RedisInsight v1.9, January 2021

RedisInsight v1.9.0

1.9.0 (January 2021)

This is the General Availability Release of RedisInsight 1.9 (v1.9.0)!


  • RedisGraph tools is getting improved with better UX and new interactions capabilities
  • Adding the ability to configure a database, by just using its direct URL to auto fill all required fields
  • CLI is now providing ability to configure your favorite key-bindings between Emacs or Vim

Full Details:

  • Core:
    • Support for configuration of Redis where the number of databases goes over the default 16.
    • Ability to add a Redis database using a shareable URL.
  • RedisGraph
    • UX improvements for large queries: fixed long pause while results are being rendered.
    • Made various improvements to interactions with the graph visualization:
    • Selected node's size increased to make it easier to distinguish.
    • Zoom via mouse wheel.
    • Double click to zoom in.
    • Double right-click to zoom out.
    • Keyboard shortcuts to zoom.
    • Center on node on fetching direct neighbours.
    • Halo masking indirect edges on selected node.
    • Button to reset view: center entire graph.
    • Button to center on the selected node.
    • New zoom buttons
  • CLI
    • Basic navigation key-bindings for Emacs and Vim.
    • UX improvements: the inputs and other controls are now disabled and a message is shown while the command is executing.
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