RedisInsight v1.8, November 2020

RedisInsight v1.8.0

1.8.3 (January 2021)

This is a maintenance release of RedisInsight 1.8 (v1.8.3)!

This fixes the crash on MacOS Big Sur (11.1) for the MacOS package. RedisInsight is supported on Mac hardware with Intel chips, but not for Mac hardware with the Apple M1 (ARM) chip.

1.8.2 (24 December 2020)

This is the maintenance release of RedisInsight 1.8 (v1.8.2)!


  • Browser:
    • Improved handling of large strings, lists, hashes, sets and sorted sets.
    • Better error message when loading a key's value fails.
    • More robust handling of Java serialized objects - malformed Java serialized objects are now displayed as binary strings.
    • Increased the default width of the key selector.
  • Memory Analysis:
    • Fixed crash on databases with modules that store auxiliary module data in the RDB (RediSearch 2, RedisGears, etc.).
    • Fix integer overflow which results in the size of large keys not being reported properly.
    • Add Streams statistics to the charts shown in the Memory Analysis Overview tool.
    • Better error message when online analysis fails due to both the SYNC and DUMP commands being unavailable.

1.8.1 (17 December 2020)

Maintenance release for RedisInsight 1.8 including bug fixes and enhancements.

Important Note:

We'd love to learn more how you are using RedisInsight. Now we have a user survey in the application, but you can also get to it here.


  • Core:
    • Fixed placeholder page for modules which was not appearing on desktop packagings of RedisInsight.
    • Fixed error in handling disconnection to databases on desktop packaging of RedisInsight.
    • Fixed auto-fill-on-URL-paste when adding Redis databases.
    • Fixed add database form: scroll to error message if adding a database fails.
    • Fixed typo in Settings page.
  • CLI:
    • Fixed on the repeat command option which was not properly cleared when the command was changed.

1.8.0 (November 2020)

This is the General Availability Release of RedisInsight 1.8 (v1.8.0)!

Important Note:

We'd love to learn more how you are using RedisInsight. We introduce a user survey, you'll see it in the application, but it's happening here.


  • Guided experience to get started with RedisInsight, add a database and experiment with modules
  • CLI now supports "help" commands and lets you repeat commands
  • Ability to provide your CA Certificate and skip-verify option for TLS authentications
  • Ability to display RediSearch indices summary
  • Adding a database is getting simpler by auto-filling all database information from the Redis connection URL
  • New environment variables for configuring HOST, PORT and application LOG LEVEL
  • Support for RedisJSON on Redis Cluster

Full Details:

  • Core:
    • New welcome page when no databases are configured
    • New information pages for each modules, when they are not configured
    • New environment variables for configuring HOST, PORT and application LOG LEVEL
    • Ability to add a CA Certificate and skip-verify for TLS authentications
    • Added auto-filling database details from Redis Connection URL
  • Browser:
    • Added error message when trying to visualize large keys
    • Fixed issue when copying key with " character
  • RedisGraph, RediSearch, RedisTimeseries:
    • Added ability to copy commands with a button click
  • RedisSearch:
    • Display the selected Index's Summary
  • RedisGraph:
    • Added ability to persist nodes display choices between queries
  • ReJSON:
    • Support for RedisJSON on Redis Cluster
  • ClientList:
    • Sort clients by type
  • CLI:
    • Added support for the help command in CLI
    • Added ability to repeat commands multiple times with increments
    • Added the ability to close the Hint window
    • Added stream command assists
  • Profiler:
    • Fixed issue with TLS databases
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