Connect to a Redis Cloud database

After you create your database, you can connect to it.

To connect to the database, you need your username and password. By default, your database is protected by a Default user called default and a masked Default user password. You can see the default user password in the Security section of the Configuration details for your database. Select the eye icon to show or hide the password.

The Security section of the Configuration tab of the database details page.

If you've turned on Role-based access control for your database and turned off the default User, use the username and password for your data access role.

Once you have the username and password, select Connect to open the connection wizard.

Connect button.

The connection wizard provides the following database connection methods:

The connection wizard.

Redis Insight

Redis Insight is a free Redis GUI that is available for macOS, Windows, and Linux.

  1. If you haven't downloaded Redis Insight, select Download under Redis Insight in the Connection wizard to download it.

  2. Install Redis Insight.

  3. Once installed, select Open with Redis Insight.

  4. A pop-up asks if you wish to open the link with Redis Insight. Select Open Redis Insight to connect to your database with Redis Insight.

If you get an error when connecting with Redis Insight, manually connect to your database from Redis Insight.

You can use Redis Insight to view your data, run Redis commands, and analyze database performance. See the Redis Insight docs for more info.

Redis client

A Redis client is a software library or tool that enables applications to interact with a Redis server. Each client has its own syntax and installation process. For help with a specific client, see the client's documentation.

The connection wizard provides code snippets to connect to your database with the following programming languages:

The connection wizard clients.

If the username and password are not already filled in, replace <username> and <password> with your username and password.

See Clients to learn how to connect with the official Redis clients.


The redis-cli utility is installed when you install Redis. It provides a command-line interface that lets you work with your database using core Redis commands.

To run redis-cli, install Redis Stack on your machine. After it's installed, copy the redis-cli command under Redis CLI in the connection wizard and enter it into your terminal. If the username and password are not already filled in, replace <username> and <password> with your username and password.

See Redis CLI to learn how to use redis-cli.

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