Module object

An object that represents a Redis module

Represents a Redis module.

Name Type/Value Description
uid string Cluster unique ID of module
architecture string Architecture used to compile the module
author string Module creator
capabilities array of strings List of capabilities supported by this module
capability_name string Short description of module functionality
command_line_args string Command line arguments passed to the module
config_command string Name of command to configure module arguments at runtime
dependencies object dependencies Module dependencies
description string Short description of the module
display_name string Name of module for display purposes
email string Author's email address
homepage string Module's homepage
is_bundled boolean Whether module came bundled with a version of Redis Enterprise
license string Module is distributed under this license
min_redis_pack_version string Minimum Redis Enterprise Software cluster version required by this module
min_redis_version string Minimum Redis database version required by this module
module_file string Module filename
module_name search
Module's name
os string Operating system used to compile the module
os_list array of strings List of supported operating systems
semantic_version string Module's semantic version
sha256 string SHA256 of module binary
version integer Module's version
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