Node object

An object that represents a node in the cluster

An API object that represents a node in the cluster.

Name Type/Value Description
uid integer Cluster unique ID of node (read-only)
accept_servers boolean (default: true) The node only accepts new shards if accept_servers is true
addr string Internal IP address of node
architecture string Hardware architecture (read-only)
bigredis_storage_path string Flash storage path (read-only)
bigstore_driver 'ibm-capi-ga1'
Bigstore driver name or none (deprecated as of Redis Enterprise v7.2, use the cluster object's bigstore_driver instead)
bigstore_size integer Storage size of bigstore storage (read-only)
cores integer Total number of CPU cores (read-only)
ephemeral_storage_path string Ephemeral storage path (read-only)
ephemeral_storage_size number Ephemeral storage size (bytes) (read-only)
external_addr complex object External IP addresses of node. GET /jsonschema to retrieve the object's structure.
max_listeners integer Maximum number of listeners on the node
max_redis_servers integer Maximum number of shards on the node
os_family 'rhel'
Operating system family (read-only)
os_name string Operating system name (read-only)
os_semantic_version string Full version number (read-only)
os_version string Installed OS version (human-readable) (read-only)
persistent_storage_path string Persistent storage path (read-only)
persistent_storage_size number Persistent storage size (bytes) (read- only)
public_addr string Public IP address of node (deprecated as of Redis Enterprise v4.3.3, use external_addr instead)
rack_id string Rack ID where node is installed
recovery_path string Recovery files path
shard_count integer Number of shards on the node (read-only)
shard_list array of integers Cluster unique IDs of all node shards
software_version string Installed Redis Enterprise cluster software version (read-only)
status 'active'
Node status (read-only)

  "db_type": string,
  "version": string
}, ...]
Versions of source available Redis databases supported by Redis Enterprise Software on the node (read-only)
db_type: Type of database
version: Version of database
system_time string System time (UTC) (read-only)
total_memory integer Total memory of node (bytes) (read-only)
uptime integer System uptime (seconds) (read-only)
use_internal_ipv6 boolean (default: false) Node uses IPv6 for internal communication. Value is taken from bootstrap identity (read-only)
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