Shard object

An object that represents a database shard

An API object that represents a Redis shard in a database.

Name Type/Value Description
uid string Cluster unique ID of shard
assigned_slots string Shards hash slot range
backup backup object Current status of scheduled periodic backup process
bdb_uid integer The ID of the database this shard belongs to
bigstore_ram_weight number Shards RAM distribution weight
detailed_status 'busy'
A more detailed status of the shard
loading loading object Current status of dump file loading
node_uid string The ID of the node this shard is located on
redis_info redis_info object A sub-dictionary of the Redis INFO command
report_timestamp string The time in which the shard's info was collected (read-only)
role 'master'
Role of this shard
status 'active'
The current status of the shard
sync sync object Shard's current sync status and progress
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