User object

An object that represents a Redis Enterprise user

An API object that represents a Redis Enterprise user.

Name Type/Value Description
uid integer User's unique ID
account_id integer SM account ID
action_uid string Action UID. If it exists, progress can be tracked by the GET /actions/{uid} API request (read-only)
auth_method 'regular' User's authentication method (deprecated as of Redis Enterprise v7.2)
bdbs_email_alerts complex object UIDs of databases that user will receive alerts for
cluster_email_alerts boolean Activate cluster email alerts for a user
email string User's email (pattern matching only ASCII characters)
email_alerts boolean (default: true) Activate email alerts for a user
name string User's name (pattern does not allow non-ASCII and special characters &,<,>,")
password string User's password. Note that it could also be an already hashed value, in which case the password_hash_method parameter is also provided.
password_hash_method '1' Used when password is passed pre-hashed to specify the hashing method
password_issue_date string The date in which the password was set (read-only)
role 'admin'
User's role
role_uids array of integers List of role UIDs associated with the LDAP group
status 'active'
User sign-in status (read-only)
active: able to sign in
locked: unable to sign in
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