Proxy object

An object that represents a proxy in the cluster

An API object that represents a proxy in the cluster.

Name Type/Value Description
uid integer Unique ID of the proxy (read-only)
backlog integer TCP listen queue backlog
client_keepcnt integer Client TCP keepalive count
client_keepidle integer Client TCP keepalive idle
client_keepintvl integer Client TCP keepalive interval
conns integer Number of connections
duration_usage_threshold integer, (range: 10-300) Max number of threads
dynamic_threads_scaling boolean Automatically adjust the number of threads
ignore_bdb_cconn_limit boolean Ignore client connection limits
ignore_bdb_cconn_output_buff_limits boolean Ignore buffer limit
log_level crit
Minimum log level to log. Only logs with this level or greater will be logged.
max_listeners integer Max number of listeners
max_servers integer Max number of Redis servers
max_threads integer, (range: 1-256) Max number of threads
max_worker_client_conns integer Max client connections per thread
max_worker_server_conns integer Max server connections per thread
max_worker_txns integer Max in-flight transactions per thread
threads integer, (range: 1-256) Number of threads
threads_usage_threshold integer, (range: 50-99) Max number of threads
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