Database actions requests

Database actions requests

Method Path Description
GET /v1/actions/bdb/{bdb_uid} Get the status of a specific database's actions

Get database actions

GET /v1/actions/bdb/{bdb_uid}

Get the status of all currently executing, pending, or completed state-machine-related actions for a specific database. This API tracks short-lived API requests that return action_uid.

Required permissions

Permission name


Example HTTP request

GET /actions/bdb/1

URL parameters

Field Type Description
bdb_uid string Unique database ID


Returns an array of JSON objects with attributes from actions and state machines.

Each action contains the following attributes: name, action_uid, status, and progress.

Example JSON body

        "action_uid": "8afc7f70-f3ae-4244-a5e9-5133e78b2e97",
        "heartbeat": 1703067908,
        "name": "SMUpdateBDB",
        "object_name": "bdb:1",
        "pending_ops": {},
        "progress": 50.0,
        "state": "proxy_policy",
        "status": "active"

Status codes

Code Description
200 OK No error, response provides info about state-machine actions
404 Not Found bdb not found
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