Bootstrap validation requests

Boostrap validation requests

Method Path Description
POST /v1/bootstrap/validate/{action} Perform bootstrap validation

Bootstrap validation

POST /v1/bootstrap/validate/{action}

Perform bootstrap validation.

Unlike actual bootstrapping, this request blocks and immediately returns with a response.


Example HTTP request

POST /bootstrap/validate/join_cluster

Request body

The request must contain a bootstrap configuration object, similar to the one used for actual bootstrapping.


If an error occurs, the call returns a bootstrap_status JSON object that contains the following fields:

Field Description
state Current bootstrap state.

idle: No bootstrapping started.

initiated: Bootstrap request received.

creating_cluster: In the process of creating a new cluster.

joining_cluster: In the process of joining an existing cluster.

error: The last bootstrap action failed.

completed: The last bootstrap action completed successfully.
start_time Bootstrap process start time
end_time Bootstrap process end time
error_code If state is error, this error code describes the type of error encountered.
error_details An error-specific object that may contain additional information about the error. A common field in use is message which provides a more verbose error message.

Status codes

Code Description
200 OK No error, validation was successful.
406 Not Acceptable Validation failed, bootstrap status is returned as body.
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