Check node requests

Requests that run checks on a cluster node.

Method Path Description
GET /v1/nodes/check/{uid} Runs checks on a cluster node

Check node

GET /v1/nodes/check/{int: uid}

Runs the following checks on a cluster node:

Check name Description
bootstrap_status Verifies the local node's bootstrap process completed without errors.
services Verifies all Redis Enterprise Software services are running.
port_range Verifies the ip_local_port_range doesn't conflict with the ports Redis Enterprise might assign to shards.
pidfiles Verifies all active local shards have PID files.
capabilities Verifies all binaries have the proper capability bits.
existing_sockets Verifies sockets exist for all processes that require them.
host_settings Verifies the following:
• Linux overcommit_memory setting is 1.
transparent_hugepage is disabled.
• Socket maximum connections setting somaxconn is 1024.
tcp_connectivity Verifies this node can connect to all other alive nodes.

Required permissions

Permission name


Example HTTP request

GET /nodes/check/1

Request headers

Key Value Description
Host cnm.cluster.fqdn Domain name
Accept application/json Accepted media type

URL parameters

Field Type Description
uid integer The node's unique ID.


Returns a JSON object with the node's check results.

When errors occur, the server returns a JSON object with result: false and an error field that provides additional information. If an error occurs during a check, the error field only includes a message for the first check that fails.

Possible error messages:

  • "bootstrap request to cnm_http failed,resp_code: ...,resp_content: ..."
  • "process ... is not running or not responding (...)"
  • "could not communicate with 'supervisorctl': ..."
  • "connectivity check failed retrieving ports for testing"

Example JSON body

    "node_uid": 1,
    "result": true

Status codes

Code Description
200 OK No error
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