Redis OM - Spring

Brian Sam-Bodden
Brian Sam-Bodden, Developer Advocate at Redis


The aim of the Redis OM family of projects is to provide high-level abstractions idiomatically implemented for your language/platform of choice. We currently cater to the Node.js, Python, .NET and Spring communities.

The Spring Framework is the leading full-stack Java/JEE application framework and Redis OM Spring (ROMS) goal is to enable developers to easily add the power of Redis to their Spring Boot applications.

Redis OM Spring provides powerful repository and custom object-mapping abstractions built on top of the amazing Spring Data Redis (SDR) framework.

The current preview release provides all of SDRs capabilities plus:

  • A @Document annotation to map Spring Data models to Redis JSON documents
  • Enhancements to SDR's @RedisHash via @EnableRedisEnhancedRepositories to:
    • use Redis' native search engine (Redis Search) for secondary indexing
    • use ULID indentifiers for @Id annotated fields
  • RedisDocumentRepository with automatic implementation of Repository interfaces for complex querying capabilities using @EnableRedisDocumentRepositories
  • Declarative Search Indices via @Indexable
  • Full-text Search Indices via @Searchable
  • @Bloom annotation to determine very quickly, and with high degree of certainty, whether a value is in a collection