CRDB health report requests

Active-Active database health report requests

Method Path Description
GET /v1/crdbs/{crdb_guid}/health_report Get a health report for an Active-Active database

Get health report

GET /v1/crdbs/{crdb_guid}/health_report

Get a health report for an Active-Active database.


Example HTTP request

GET /crdbs/{crdb_guid}/health_report

URL parameters

Field Type Description
crdb_guid string Globally unique Active-Active database ID (GUID)

Query parameters

Field Type Description
instance_id integer The request retrieves information from the specified Active-Active database instance. If this instance doesn’t exist, the request retrieves information from all instances. (optional)


Returns a JSON array of CRDB health report objects.

Status codes

Code Description
200 OK Action was successful.
404 Not Found Configuration or Active-Active database not found.
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