CRDB updates requests

Update Active-Active configuration requests

Method Path Description
POST /v1/crdbs/{crdb_guid}/updates Modify Active-Active confgurarion

Modify Active-Active configuration

POST /v1/crdbs/{crdb_guid}/updates

Modify Active-Active configuration.

This is a very powerful API request and can cause damage if used incorrectly.

In order to add or remove instances, you must use this API. For simple configuration updates, it is recommended to use PATCH on /crdbs/{crdb_guid} instead.

Updating default_db_config affects both existing and new instances that may be added.

When you update db_config, it changes the configuration of the database that you specify. This field overrides corresponding fields (if any) in default_db_config.


Example HTTP request

POST /crdbs/1/updates

Request headers

Key Value Description
X-Task-ID string Specified task ID
X-Result-TTL integer Time (in seconds) to keep task result

URL parameters

Field Type Description
crdb_guid string Globally unique Active-Active database ID (GUID)

Request body

Include a CRDB modify_request object with updated fields in the request body.


Returns a CRDB task object.

Status codes

Code Description
200 OK The request has been accepted.
400 Bad Request The posted Active-Active database contains invalid parameters.
401 Unauthorized Unauthorized request. Invalid credentials
404 Not Found Configuration, instance or Active-Active database not found.
406 Not Acceptable The posted Active-Active database cannot be accepted.
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