CRDB purge requests

Purge removed Active-Active database requests

Method Path Description
PUT /v1/crdbs/{crdb_guid}/purge Purge data from an instance that was forcibly removed from the Active-Active database

Purge data from removed instance

PUT /v1/crdbs/{crdb_guid}/purge

Purge the data from an instance that was removed from the Active-Active database by force.

When you force the removal of an instance from an Active-Active database, the removed instance keeps the data and configuration according to the last successful synchronization.

To delete the data and configuration from the forcefully removed instance you must use this API (Must be executed locally on the removed instance).


Example HTTP request

PUT /crdbs/1/purge

URL parameters

Field Type Description
crdb_guid string Globally unique Active-Active database ID (GUID)

Request body

Field Type Description
instances array of integers Array of unique instance IDs


Returns a CRDB task object.

Status codes

Code Description
200 OK Action was successful.
400 Bad Request The request is invalid or malformed.
401 Unauthorized Unauthorized request. Invalid credentials
404 Not Found Configuration, instance, or Active-Active database not found.
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