BDB replica sync field

Documents the bdb replica_sync field used with Redis Enterprise Software REST API calls.

The BDB replica_sync field relates to the Replica Of feature, which enables the creation of a Redis database (single- or multi-shard) that synchronizes data from another Redis database (single- or multi-shard).

You can use the replica_sync field to enable, disable, or pause the Replica Of sync process. The BDB crdt_sync field has a similar purpose for the Redis CRDB.

Possible BDB sync values:

Status Description Possible next status
'disabled' (default value) Disables the sync process and represents that no sync is currently configured or running. 'enabled'
'enabled' Enables the sync process and represents that the process is currently active. 'stopped'
'paused' Pauses the sync process. The process is configured but is not currently executing any sync commands. 'enabled'
'stopped' An unrecoverable error occurred during the sync process, which caused the system to stop the sync. 'enabled'
BDB sync

When the sync is in the 'stopped' or 'paused' state, then the last_error field in the relevant source entry in the sync_sources "status" field contains the detailed error message.

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