Database modules config requests

Configure Redis module requests

Method Path Description
POST /v1/bdbs/{uid}/modules/config Configure module

Configure module

POST /v1/bdbs/{string: uid}/modules/config

Use the module runtime configuration command (if defined) to configure new arguments for the module.

Required permissions

Permission name


Example HTTP request

POST /bdbs/1/modules/config

Example JSON body

  "modules": [
      "module_name": "search",
      "module_args": "MINPREFIX 3 MAXEXPANSIONS 1000"

Request headers

Key Value Description
Host cnm.cluster.fqdn Domain name
Accept application/json Accepted media type

Request body

Field Type Description
modules list of JSON objects List of modules (module_name) and their new configuration settings (module_args)
module_name search
Module's name
module_args string Module command line arguments (pattern does not allow special characters &,<,>,”)


Returns a status code. If an error occurs, the response body may include an error code and message with more details.

Error codes

When errors are reported, the server may return a JSON object with error_code and message field that provide additional information. The following are possible error_code values:

Code Description
db_not_exist Database with given UID doesn't exist in cluster
missing_field "module_name" or "module_args" are not defined in request
invalid_schema JSON object received is not a dict object
param_error "module_args" parameter was not parsed properly
module_not_exist Module with given "module_name" does not exist for the database

Status codes

Code Description
200 OK Success, module updated on bdb.
404 Not Found bdb not found.
400 Bad Request Bad or missing configuration parameters.
406 Not Acceptable Module does not support runtime configuration of arguments.
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