Welcome to the Node.js Crash Course

Simon Prickett
Simon Prickett, Principal Developer Advocate at Redis

Welcome to the Node.js Redis Crash Course. I'm Simon Prickett, Principal Developer Advocate at Redis.

In this course, you'll learn about using Redis with Node.js through a blend of video and text-based training. You can also get hands-on with some optional workshop exercises where you'll add new functionality to an existing Node.js application.

Learning Objectives#

By following the materials in this course, you can expect to learn about:

  • What Redis is and where to find it.
  • The benefits of adding Redis to your stack, when and how to use it.
  • How to leverage Redis in the context of a modern Node.js Express application with the ioredis client.
  • Using RedisInsight to browse and manage a Redis instance.
  • Modeling domain objects with Redis Hashes, querying them with Redis Search.
  • Storing and querying document data with Redis JSON.
  • Asynchronous messaging and fast data ingestion with Redis Streams.
  • Speeding up response times with Redis caching and Express middleware.
  • Scaling your application using Redis as a session store for Express.

Software Prerequisites#

To get the most from this course, you'll need a machine that can run Node.js applications, plus Docker as we'll be using a container that includes Redis and the required add-on modules for this course.

You'll need the following installed on your machine:

  • Docker (you'll need the docker-compose command)
  • Node.js (use the current Long Term Stable - LTS - version)
  • git command line tools
  • Your favorite IDE (we like VSCode, but anything you're comfortable with works)
  • Postman - we're going to make some API calls and Postman makes that easy.

Let's Learn Together#

Sign up for the Redis Discord where you can ask me anything about the course!