How to add Redis as a datasource in Grafana and build customize dashboards for Analytics

Ajeet Raina
Ajeet Raina, Former Developer Growth Manager at Redis

The Redis Data Source for Grafana is a plug-in that allows users to connect to the Redis database and build dashboards in Grafana to easily monitor Redis and application data. It provides an out-of-the-box predefined dashboard, but also lets you build customized dashboards tuned to your specific needs.

Features and Capabilities#

  • Grafana 7.1 and later with a new plug-in platform supported.

  • Data Source can connect to any Redis database. No special configuration is required.

  • Redis Cluster and Sentinel supported since version 1.2.

  • Data Source supports:

Step 1. Install Grafana#

 brew install grafana

Step 2. Install Redis Datasource#

 grafana-cli plugins install redis-datasource