You can use Redis Cloud as a multi-model primary database. Redis Cloud is a fully managed, highly available, secure, and real-time data platform. It can store data on both RAM or Flash. It also supports Active-Active (multi-zone read and write replicas) on different cloud vendors, providing extreme high availability and scalability. Active-Active offers global scalability while maintaining local speed for database reads and writes.

Redis Cloud has many built-in modular capabilities, making it a unified, real-time data platform. Redis Cloud is far more than a document database.

  • JSON: Persists JSON documents
  • Search: Indexes and searches JSON documents
  • Probabilistic data structures: Provides bloom filters and other probabilistic data structures
  • Time Series: Supports time series data structures
  • Triggers and Functions: Syncs data to external databases via different pattern (write-behind/ write-through) or executes custom logic.

Use RedisInsight to view your Redis data or to play with raw Redis commands in the workbench.

If you're interested in diving deeper, try Redis Cloud today for free!